janvier 24, 2020

Metals & Minerals : the market analysis of Monaco Resources Group MRG

Monaco Resources in Metals & Minerals

The metals & minerals division of Monaco Resources is headed by Metalcorp Group, a diversified group of companies that process, trade and market metals and raw materials across 18 countries.

What is your principal activity ?

We market physical commodities derived from our own processing facilities as well as from long-term offtake partners through a well-established trading and distribution network.

Metalcorp entities are present in 18 countries and organised across 3 business units:


Do you recycle aluminium?

Aluminium is one of the most recycled — and most recyclable — materials on the market today, we are the leading European, independent producer of alloyed slabs and our production is based on environmentally friendly recycling of aluminium scrap.

What about the other metals?

Our global activities cover processing and trading a range of metals and minerals which include copper, zinc, ferrochrome, chrome and steel products.

We are a strategic partner to our suppliers and clients and have multiple production assets and long standing offtake agreements.

What is the business of Raw Materials?

Our Raw Materials business unit focuses on the development of our mining activities in West Africa.

We are currently developing a 400 million metric tonne bauxite mining and alumina refinery asset in the Republic of Guinea, considered to hold the world’s largest reserves of bauxite.

Are you committed to ESG?

Environmental, social and governance principles are at the heart of our business. We believe that we are responsible for delivering products, services and methods that respect the natural and social environment. We invest in the latest equipment, technology, and our processing and recycling plants ensure energy efficiency and reduced impact on the environment.

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